About us

Bluebird was started in 2020 with a mission. Disrupt the recruitment industry by bringing real, in-field experience to help others make great career decisions.

Everyone at Bluebird has a number of years working in the SaaS industry as a top salesperson or sales leader before joining Bluebird. We realise this is not the normal approach to recruitment and we hope that this can benefit the market and 'raise the bar' for companies in this sector.

Today, Bluebird has offices in Amsterdam and London and helps VC-backed SaaS companies around the world fill commercial positions across their go-to-market function.


We are honest, accountable, and trustworthy.


We respect diverse perspectives, trust one another, and assume the best intentions. Together, we build a strong and genuine team.


We communicate openly and value honest debate, while maintaining a safe environment.


We inspire each other to perform and celebrate success together, recognizing work can be fun!

Your Consultants

Lars van der Velde

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dennis van Valderen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nora Negrea

London, United Kingdom

Machiel Kunst


Adriaan ten Bosch


Ash Takher


Lydia Gommans


Elvin Kingma


Tim Huijbens


Jolijn van der Steur


Ersen Aziz


Bas Oostenbrink


Frans Veldhuizen


Siliën Sprenkels


Marc Hellingman


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bluebird different from other recruitment agencies?

We are the only recruitment agency in SaaS that has a group of people who have firsthand experience in the roles they recruit for. Simply put, we have former SaaS sales professionals who help our customers hire for Sales roles, former Marketing people who help hire marketers and we even have Developers who help our customers hire IT people.

Why should I invest in working with Bluebird?

Companies spend countless hours on interviewing candidates who are not strong enough for the roles they’re recruiting for. Due to time pressure, most companies end up hiring someone below the calibre that they initially wanted or they need to wait for months before finally running into the ideal person. Bluebird consistently delivers the ideal candidate within 7 working days.

How much does working with Bluebird cost?

First of all, it will save you a lot of time and the costs of a mishire are huge… That being said, we work on a contingent basis (we don’t charge anything upfront) and only when you make the right hire through Bluebird, you will be charged a 25% success fee based on the yearly base salary of the person you’ve hired.

How does Bluebird work?

We do an intake call of around 45 minutes where we dive into detail on what you’re looking for, which we can also help you with. Based on this intake call we will reach out to people in our network (10,000+ people and counting) and we will set up a targeting campaign for people outside of our network. Within 1-2 weeks we will introduce 4-8 candidates for a specific role that fits your must-have requirements. A few weeks later, you end up hiring your ideal candidate. We help with the entire interview process, from scheduling to closing the candidate.

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