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Are you struggling to find top-tier SaaS sales talent? Look no further. At Bluebird, our recruiters are experienced former top sellers in SaaS, and we're here to help you find your perfect match quickly, ensuring you meet and exceed your targets this year and beyond.

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2023 client successes

Bluebird started working with 100+ new SaaS companies last year

262 successful placements in SaaS Companies

Average successful placement in less than 7 working days

Bluebird's talent network grew to 15,000 SaaS Professionals

94 five star reviews on Google

SaaS companies we helped find top sales performers:

Quality above all else

We assess and only forward profiles that score >75% in our qualitative assessment, saving you time.

We have the dream network

Due to our experience in the field, we've built a network of 10.000+ SaaS sales professionals.

Excellent candidate experience

We understand the profiles you need. We advise, we match, we assess, and we don’t waste time.

Why SaaS companies work with Bluebird

Precision Hiring, Minimal Risk:

Leave the guesswork behind. We assess and test candidates rigorously, saving you time and resources. Say goodbye to costly bad hires and hello to sales reps who hit the ground running.

Hit Your Sales Targets, Every Time

Meeting your sales targets starts with hiring the right team. At Bluebird, our team of seasoned Sales Leaders from SaaS companies ensures you have the sales talent needed to not only meet but exceed your goals. Don't let open headcount hold you back from success.

Your Recruitment Partner, Not Just a Service

We're more than a recruitment agency; we're your strategic partner. From advisory services to post-placement support, we're committed to your long-term success. Let's build your winning sales team together.

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Your new SaaS sales A-player in 5 steps


Get in contact with Bluebird.


After introductions, we will discuss your hiring goals, and explain how we will help.


Together with our consultants we create the ideal candidate profile.


We provide you with  pre-assessed candidates that, based on our experience and assessment, fit your company best.


Congratulations! You've just hired your new top sales rep within just a few weeks.

Question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions!

"They analysed who we were looking for very precisely and presented relevant candidates within a short amount of time."

Caroline Mekelburg, Head of Talent Management @Amperecloud

"Unlike other agencies we worked with, Bluebird does not play the numbers game of overwhelming you with candidates in the hope that one or more make the cut."

Martijn Theuwissen, Chief Operating Officer @Datacamp

"Bluebird understands the SaaS space through a team of professionals with a well balanced variety of backgrounds at successful SaaS businesses."

Farzad Henareh, Chief Commercial Officer @Studytube

“The Bluebird team is impressive and reliable in all types of client-facing roles and can be trusted to have a 'zero compromise' mindset when looking for talent.”

Marah Chami, People Operations Manager @Alkemics

“They consistently deliver top-quality candidates across various roles. They have a deep understanding of our industry, ensuring a perfect fit for our companies."

Johan van Mil, Founder @Peak Capital

“Beyond the headhunting, they provided advice on candidate profiles, job descriptions, and compensation plans."

Louis Carbonnier, CEO @Hokodo

“The team at Bluebird possess a hunger that you want to see in your sales team. They are eager and always on top of things.”

Sebastiaan Verhaar, CEO @Sana Commerce

"Bluebird drives business with attitude, passion, and insight. Most importantly, they connect and match the right pieces in the puzzle through engagement and business understanding”

Jakob Høholdt, Managing Director @Sentia

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bluebird different from other recruitment agencies?

We are the only recruitment agency in SaaS that has a group of people who have firsthand experience in the roles they recruit for. Simply put, we have former SaaS sales professionals who help our customers hire for Sales roles, former Marketing people who help hire marketers and we even have Developers who help our customers hire IT people.

Why should I invest in working with Bluebird?

Companies spend countless hours on interviewing candidates who are not strong enough for the roles they’re recruiting for. Due to time pressure, most companies end up hiring someone below the calibre that they initially wanted or they need to wait for months before finally running into the ideal person. Bluebird consistently delivers the ideal candidate within 7 working days.

How much does working with Bluebird cost?

Firstly, it will save you a significant amount of time, and the costs of a mishire are substantial. That being said, we operate on a contingent basis, meaning we don't charge anything upfront. You will only pay a 25% success fee based on the yearly base salary of the person you've hired when you make the right hire through Bluebird.

Industry average pricing, depending on the region, ranges from 20% to 30%. We charge 25%, and you will find no unfair price discrepancies in our client portfolio. Why don't we charge 20%? Because our team at Bluebird consists of consultants who were once professionals in the SaaS space. While they may come at a higher cost, they consistently deliver superior results in every way.

How does Bluebird work?

We do an intake call of around 45 minutes where we dive into detail on what you’re looking for, which we can also help you with. Based on this intake call we will reach out to people in our network (10,000+ people and counting) and we will set up a targeting campaign for people outside of our network. Within 1-2 weeks we will introduce 4-8 candidates for a specific role that fits your must-have requirements. A few weeks later, you end up hiring your ideal candidate. We help with the entire interview process, from scheduling to closing the candidate.

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