How to write a proper SaaS sales vacancy?

November 8, 2023

5 tips to write SaaS sales vacancies that attract A-players

The battle for top-performing salespeople is relentless, especially in the highly competitive field of SaaS. Boring and uninspiring job vacancies won’t incentivise any A-players to move. So instead, how can you stand out and truly attract a new wave of talent? It all starts with crafting an original, candidate-centred vacancy text. These five tips should help you stand out and connect with the next generation of SaaS sales superstars.

We hope your vacancies don’t look like this:

We are looking for a skilled SaaS sales professional to join our team. Responsibilities include meeting sales targets, generating leads, and maintaining client relationships. The candidate must achieve set quotas and contribute to the overall sales growth of the company.

Our company

Who are we? Our company is a leading player in the SaaS industry, offering top-notch solutions. We pride ourselves on innovation and client satisfaction. Join us to be part of a dynamic and fast-paced work environment.


Bachelor’s degree in Sales or related field. Proven track record of meeting sales targets. Strong communication and negotiation skills.

Example of a bad SaaS sales vacancy text

Are you convinced to switch jobs already based on this text? Not quite, right? There are a few problems with the example above. First, the text is pretty much a run of the mill. It’s difficult to get a sense of the company: Are they professional? Young? Fun? Outgoing? Also the vacancy lacks the crucial element of what sets this company apart as an employer and why you would want to join them. It's a one-sided pitch about the company, neglecting the essential motivation for the candidate.

Instead, sales vacancies, especially in the competitive SaaS market, need to be distinctive, clear, and authentic. They should sell the opportunity and revolve around the candidate if they aim to attract top-tier talent. In this guide, we'll delve into each of these aspects, providing tips to help you craft compelling and persuasive SaaS sales vacancies as a Sales manager. Let's kick off with the importance of aligning with cultural values.

1. Align with cultural values

When you write a vacancy, you’ll want to highlight what sets your company apart and why people should work for you specifically, especially in markets as competitive as SaaS. Incorporating your core values in the text are a great tool to do so. There are multiple ways in which you can let your company values shine through.

Tone should reflect office sentiment

Tailor the tone and language of the job description to mirror the company's cultural vibe. If your culture is more formal and traditional, it’s okay to maintain the commonly-used professional tone. But if your culture is more casual and innovative, which is often the case in SaaS, the language in the job description should clearly reflect that instead.

Feature what sets you apart

Also, if your company has a-typical cultural initiatives, highlight them in the job description. This could include wellness programs, annual workations with the team, diversity and inclusion efforts, or social responsibility projects. Make sure to mention any specific priorities in your company culture. If, for example, continuous learning and career development are cultural priorities, mention which opportunities for professional growth and learning are offered within the role.

Be authentic: Tell stories

The key to aligning with cultural values is authenticity. To truly capture the essence of your company and what it stands for, steer clear of tools like ChatGPT. This quick-and-easy route often results in generic and uninspiring text, and doesn’t say anything about the company at all.

Instead, tell stories. Use anecdotes or real stories by current employees that exemplify the company's culture. This could involve sharing success stories, project cases or a day-in-the-life-of. The chances are higher that you come across as ‘human’ when you incorporate employee stories, which candidates often appreciate.

2. Don’t forget to sell

It goes without saying that salespeople, maybe more than anyone, know how to sell an opportunity. But when it comes to writing vacancies, Sales Leaders too often forget to incorporate their own persuasive skills. They rely on the standard vacancy text that they’re familiar with.

However, if you want to attract top talent, it is of vital importance to portray your company as a unique opportunity for growth.

Some examples on how to properly ‘sell’ your company:

  • “We’re recognized by Gartner as the market leader in this space”
  • “We achieve 150% YoY growth”
  • “We’ve raised a $XX Mio funding round from leading investors”

Lines like these gives candidates more financial or career motives for why they should choose your company over competitors.

Sell the opportunity in your SaaS sales vacancies

3. There is more to sell than salary

Speaking of selling your company, there is much more to highlight than salary, growth opportunities and bonuses. For example, remote working flexibility, location-specific information and travel time have become increasingly important.

Therefore, it is important to always feature these three aspects in every vacancy: The geographical context of the company, branch, or department; whether relocation is a non-negotiable requirement, and the expectations regarding physical presence in the office versus work from home.

Show all opportunities per title

Since sales people are often willing to relocate, it is a big bottleneck for them if they cannot see all job openings across a location with a specific title. To address this challenge, companies should strive to enhance the transparency of their job platforms, ensuring candidates can effortlessly navigate and discover all relevant opportunities.

4. Clarity around metrics

In the dynamic world of SaaS sales, metrics are the key feature that guides top-tier talent to your doorstep. As sales professionals navigate through a sea of opportunities, they seek more than just a job description; they crave transparency, metrics that resonate, and a roadmap for bonus structures.

Sales professionals want more than vague promises—they want clear metrics that set the stage for success. Therefore, consider including some of these 3 key metrics in your vacancies:

  • Average deal sizes
  • Targets
  • Attainment of the current sales team

Including such metrics is essential for transparency and alignment. It provides candidates with a clear understanding of performance expectations, and serve as a performance benchmark that allows for a detailed evaluation of a candidate's suitability for the role. Moreover, with these metrics, you paint a canvas that showcases the scale and impact of deals, giving candidates tangible measures of success to aim for, making the job more concrete.

5. Write as if you’re the employee

Bad vacancy texts are written from a company-perspective. Persuasive SaaS sales vacancy texts, on the other hand, are centred around the applicant: Why would they like to work for us?

Consider the following:

  • “Job duties and responsibilities” vs. “What you’ll get from this role”
  • “Required qualifications” vs. “What will make you successful here.”

Notice here how the word ‘you’ can make vacancies much more persuasive. It's no longer just a position; it's an invitation, a promise of growth, impact, and a rewarding journey. These nuanced adjustments craft a narrative that resonates with individuals, making vacancies not just informative, but irresistible.


In conclusion, the effectiveness of SaaS sales vacancies lies in a dual commitment to clarity and persuasion. Clear articulation of metrics, including average deal sizes, targets, and team achievements, establishes transparency and sets performance expectations. This, coupled with a persuasive narrative that sells the unique opportunities for growth, financial success, and company distinction, ensures a compelling proposition for top-tier talent.

Moreover, aligning the vacancy with cultural values through authenticity and a focus on the candidate's perspective elevates the narrative. By placing the emphasis on 'you,' the candidate, vacancies become not only informative but also resonant and appealing. This strategic approach to crafting SaaS sales vacancies ensures not just recruitment but the establishment of lasting connections with the sought-after professionals in this competitive landscape.

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